8, Gilded

Sep 19, 2014 6:37PM

'8, Gilded' is a series of collages focusing on jewellery and their interaction with fragments of paintings dating from the Renaissance, in response to a yet unpublished work of mine.

This time, I wanted to try something entirely new and experiment by breaking away from the painting itself: instead of juxtaposing it with a model or adding accessories in, it would be moulded with the jewellery to create a new composition.

Except for the fact that I wanted to get out of my safety zone by using jewellery, for the first time, the choice was made by taking into account the antithesis it would generate by conversing with paintings: something as shiny as gold or diamonds, yet cold and "lifeless", converses with something that is alive; not one collage of the series did not have something breathing: be that flowers, The Three Graces or a lizard.

You can view the entire series, with full credits, here: http://ubicouture.tumblr.com/tagged/eightgilded

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Jenna Gribbon, Luncheon on the grass, a recurring dream, 2020. Jenna Gribbon, April studio, parting glance, 2021. Jenna Gribbon, Silver Tongue, 2019