Unique Design X Shanghai Paris Pop Up @ Asia Now

Unique Design X Shanghai
Oct 15, 2020 7:28PM

The first platform exclusively dedicated to collectible design in China launches its 2nd edition in partnership with ASIA NOW in Paris.

Unique Design X Shanghai, the first platform entirely devoted to collectible design in China launched at TANK Shanghai during the art week in November 2019, opens its 2nd edition in Paris in partnership with Asia Now, the leading platform around the Asian creative scene in France.

Unique Design X Shanghai presents “The World is Ours”, a collective exhibition where the viewer is invited on a journey into a new vision of our future realm. A unique immersive event that has to be experienced from within and not observed from without.

A selection of twelve artists and designers, together with their representative galleries, leads us into a new era, and reclaims a revitalized creative practice through which experimental materials and processes offer us a new and unexpected vision of our shared future. Repositioned at the intersection of multidisciplinary forms of creativity, humanity and resilience are the key concepts that guide the creations of these artists and designers. The result is a new proposal on how to experience and inhabit contemporary spaces.

Unique Design X Shanghai echoes the growing interest in China and around the rest of the world for this type of limited edition hybrid works, which freely play with art, architecture and design, the driving forces for innovation.

A growing interest by collectors, designers, architects, property developers and art enthusiasts, who are passionate about unique design, a connection with its developing market in China, and its continued momentum in the rest of the world.

In order to preserve this privileged link with the Chinese scene, the exhibition The World is Ours will also be broadcasted live from Paris with Galerie Perrotin in Shanghai and with Chuling in Guangdong on October 22 nd 2020, as well as a special online viewing room in collaboration with Artsy.

“The World is Ours” Curated by Raffaella Florio, Morgan Morris and Leo Orta Livestreaming special guest directors : Suzie & Leo

PARTICIPATING GALLERIES: Nilufar Gallery (Milano); Functional Art Gallery (Berlin); Galerie Scène Ouverte (Paris); GAD (New York) and Art Deco Gallery (Shanghai)

PARTICIPATING DESIGNERS: Audrey Large; Anna Aagaard Jensen; Garance Vallée, Anais Borie, Léa Mestres, Thomas Ballouhey, Chan Chiao Chun, Andreas Angelidakis, OrtaMiklos, Theophile Blandet; Li Naihan; Hongjie Yang

Founders & Organizers

PERFECT CROSSOVERS - Unique Design Shanghai Co-Founder & Organizer Perfect Crossovers is the first platform of talent for cultural communications providing a service guaranteeing the ultimate cross-pollinated experience between Asia and the rest of the world. Based in and between Beijing and Hong Kong, it is a unique consultancy group specializing in cultural and creative initiatives.

Asia Now – special thanks to Alexandra Fain and Asia Now for their support as hosting partner for the pop-up event in Paris Galerie

Perrotin - a special thanks for hosting our live event in Shanghai

Copenhagen Distillery - Unique Design x Shanghai special event partner

Artsy – a special thanks to Artsy

Unique Design X Shanghai