Unseen Photo Fair 2016 Programme

Unseen Photo Fair
Aug 24, 2016 6:21PM

Unseen welcomes 54 galleries from across the globe, focusing on new photography, highlighting the most recent developments by presenting emerging talent and new work by established artists. By bringing together leading figures in the industry with artists, curators, collectors and photography enthusiasts, Unseen creates an exchange of dialogue, artistic expression and ideas. Complementing the fair, on-site at the historic Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, is a three-day speakers programme jam-packed with Onsite Projects, lectures and debates at the Unseen Living Room, as well as a celebration of the printed world of photobooks at the Unseen Book Market.  


View the full fair programme here.  


Making Memeries, installation view, 2016 © Harry Mitchell/Self Publish, Be Happy

Onsite Projects  

Face to Face: African Portraiture   

Friday 23 September, 17.00-21.00    
Saturday 24 September, 16.00-20.00    
Sunday 25 September, 14.30-17.30      


At our very own onsite pop-up studios, both established and emerging artists from the African continent are invited to document visitors of Unseen. Each visitor gets one opportunity to have their portrait taken, after which the photographs are printed onsite, so that they can be taken home directly. More information can be found here.


Making Memeries   


Friday 23 September, 11:00-21:00  
Saturday 24 September, 11:00-20:00  
Sunday 25 September, 11:00-17:00  


Bruno Ceschel introduces Making Memeries: an installation created in collaboration with upcoming artist Lucas Black. The project explores the world of augmented reality, which broadly refers to a live view of a physical ‘ real world’ environment whose elements are augmented by sensory inputs such as sound, video and graphics. Ceschel and Black have created an installation consisting of a eight movable panel structure, creates a backdrop inspired by theatre scenery which creates the environment of a stage. The elements of this installation can be activated via an app, which through using the phone’s camera opens the realm of augment reality that can be experienced by the viewer. During the fair, a three day programme of performances by artists, graphic designers, technology and photography lovers, as well as members of the Unseen public will be arranged. More information can be found here.

All That Hoopla: The Fairest Game at the Fair  


FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-21:00  
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-20:00  
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-17:00  

The Hoopla challenge is a regular entertainment stall at fun fairs. Visitors pay a small fee for several attempts to throw a wooden hoop over a prize. For Unseen, artist Clare Strand has collaborated with LhGWR gallery to create a customised hoopla stall, which offers her signed photographic work as prizes. With her interactive Hoopla project Strand introduces us to a new style of presentation and active engagement between photography, artist and audience. Experience a spectacle of flashing lights, fairground smells and false hopes during All That Hoopla: The Fairest Game at the Fair. More information can be found here.

The Ins & Outs of Collecting, Unseen Living Room, 2015 © Marika Groen

Unseen Living Room


The Unseen Living Room is an informal meeting place for the exchange of dialogue and ideas. Bringing together leading professionals from across the industry, the living room hosts roundtable discussions, interviews and presentations that explore the recent developments in photography as they happen. From looking forward to what’s next for the industry to gaining an insight into an artist’s work process, the living room programme has something for everyone.
 More information about the programme can be found here.   


Image courtesy Unseen Photo Fair.

Unseen Book Market


FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-21:00  
SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-20:00  
SUNDAY 25 SEPTEMBER, 11:00-17:00  


The Unseen Book Market celebrates beautiful books and their creators from across the world, housing over 60 independent publishers. With a rich programme of impromptu book launches and signings, be the first to discover new publications and meet the people making them. Drawing in an international crowd, visitors can rub shoulders with photographers, graphic designers and curators that appreciate striking imagery and extraordinary storytelling; the book market channels the diverse practices that come together in photobook publishing.
 More information about the book market can be found here.  

A Telepathic Subject, 2016 © Christto & Andrew

Open Gallery Night   


SATURDAY 24 SEPTEMBER, 20:00-22:00  


For one night during Unseen Photo Fair & Festival 2016, on Saturday the 24th of September, some of Amsterdam’s most exciting galleries exhibiting photography will open their doors for an exclusive late-night opening.   

Enjoy a specially organised night of gallery hopping and discover some of the most up-to-date trends in photography as you move from location to location. For more information and on participating galleries, visit here.  


Unseen Photo Fair