Unseen Photo Fair 2016 Programme | All That Hoopla: The Fairest Game at the Fair

Unseen Photo Fair
Sep 9, 2016 4:01PM

Onsite Project  

Friday 23 September, 11:00-21:00  


The Hoopla challenge is a regular entertainment stall at funfairs. Visitors pay a small fee for several attempts to throw a wooden hoop over a prize. For Unseen, artist Clare Strand has collaborated with LhGWR gallery to create a customised hoopla stall, which offers her signed photographic work as prizes. With her interactive Hoopla project Strand introduces us to a new style of presentation and active engagement between photography, artist and audience. Experience a spectacle of flashing lights, fairground smells and false hopes during All That Hoopla: The Fairest Game at the Fair.  

For more information and updates about Face to Face: African Portraiture, visit the official page here. For Unseen's full fair programme and updates, visit the official page here.  


Westergasfabriek Terrein  
1014 Amsterdam

Clare Strand, Hoopla, 2016. Courtesy the artist and LhGWR.

Unseen Photo Fair