Unseen Photo Fair 2016 Programme | Making Memeries

Unseen Photo Fair
Sep 9, 2016 4:00PM

Onsite Project  

Friday 23 September, 11:00-21:00  


Bruno Ceschel introduces Making Memeries: an installation created in collaboration with upcoming artist Lucas Black. The project explores the world of augmented reality, which broadly refers to a live view of a physical ‘ real world’ environment whose elements are augmented by sensory inputs such as sound, video and graphics. Ceschel and Black have created an installation consisting of a eight movable panel structure, creates a backdrop inspired by theatre scenery which creates the environment of a stage. The elements of this installation can be activated via an app, which through using the phone’s camera opens the realm of augment reality that can be experienced by the viewer. During the fair, a three day programme of performances by artists, graphic designers, technology and photography lovers, as well as members of the Unseen public will be arranged.  

For more information and updates about Making Memeries, visit the official page here. For Unseen's full fair programme and updates, visit the official page here.  


Westergasfabriek Terrein  
1014 Amsterdam

Making Memeries, installation view, 2016 © Harry Mitchell/Self Publish, Be Happy

Unseen Photo Fair