I started this gallery on a dare.

Urbaniza Studio Gallery
Jun 11, 2018 10:34PM

My brother-in-law, Charlie, an intrepid cross-country cyclist, had toured the world on his trusty bike and accumulated an impressive art collection.

On a ‘roots’ trip to Cuba, The Forbidden Island, he rode through towns and villages, making friends and buying art here and there. He rolled the canvases on the back of his bike and flew them back to Miami with his luggage.

Finally, he ran out of wall space. Charlie bought the works because he wanted to help the artists sell their anti-authoritarian creations off island. So he said to me:

“I dare you to sell my artwork to your clients. “

Charlie Espinosa bringing art back from Cuba.

And so, Urbaniza Studio, the design affiliate of a real estate firm, added an art gallery online.

Not only are we providing an outlet for artists living in a suppressive government, we have invited other talents from Miami and New York to showcase their gifts.

Let me know if I can help you determine your style, and obtain a work of art that will not only enhance your life, but will change the reality for an artist whose very existence relies on an oppressive regime.

Glad Margarita

Urbaniza Studio Gallery