IDEO-MERTE, The City Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

Urszula Sliz
Mar 9, 2014 9:07PM

January 2014,  © Sliz

IDEO - METRIE / 31.01.2014 - 01.03.2014 

Abstract concept sometimes used to refer to things that are not localized in space or in time, in this sense, numbers, properties, sets, suggestions, and even facts, may be considered abstract, and individual physical objects and events are concrete . The ability to create and use of abstraction is considered necessary for higher cognitive functions, such as the formation of the courts, the understanding of knowledge resulting from experience and lessons learned.

The term abstraction is roomy and operates a number of ways in the context of art in the process of creating an image. Abstraction is devoid of any features illustrativeness - interest in the artist focuses on the form and content, the presentation of non-figurative, often deriving from the transposition of reality.

In the visual abstraction appears as a line, for example, points, geometric objects and stains - is the result of cleaning by some to raise general. And in the semantic layer can contain everything - the relationship mathematical, philosophical concepts, travelers can also provide emotional and knowledge derived from the continuity of cultural heritage as a basis for inferring a new idea.

Urszula Sliz