MUCHO COLOR (A Lot of Color)

Ury Enríquez
Oct 21, 2014 3:23AM

Celebrating events is a daily routine where the word “party” is written next to the occasion. A party is something with colors, and it is widely known that where there are colors, there is joy. 

Joy, game, and play: experimenting derives in new questioning, and new ways to think.

Art is called to be a witness of its time. From the Altamira's Cave Paintings to Picasso's Guernica, Art has portrayed events that have concerned the most creative minds of time. 

Robert “Bob” Rauschenberg was one of these minds. He played an important role in the creation of new concepts of Contemporary Art, combining daily life with plastic experimentation. The work of Rauschenberg was nourished by multidisciplinary collaboration, and aesthetic novelty; in his own words, his oeuvre was “not a negation of concepts, but a celebration”. 

MUCHO COLOR is a celebration of seeing and feeling. In one hand, "color" as a perceptual sensation, in the other hand as the collection of things that give essence to something; it´s the color that we see, and the color that we feel.

Art responds to life, and we respond to art. Sensations are allowed.

Ury Enríquez