Cat Art Show | LA

Kevin Van Gorp
Mar 4, 2014 10:18PM

101/exhibit is working with Susan Michals, the curator of the very popular Cat Art Show | Los Angeles, for a one month extended Artsy offering of commissioned works by artists such as the Clayton Brothers, Mercedes Helwein, and Robert Standish.  


This extended offering is in effect until March 22nd. Please contact 101/exhibit for current availability PDF.


Jay Batlle

Tim Biskup

Lisa Borgnes

Nicholas Bowers

Ramsey Dau

Guy Denning

Britt Ehringer

Noel Fielding

Langley Fox

Jill Greenberg

Vera Iliatova

Melinda Lerner

Daniel Maidman

Liz Markus

Joshua Petker

Kevin E. Taylor


Kevin Van Gorp