Vohn Gallery's Gary Krimershmoys Plays Leading Role in Organizing THE(un)SCENE Art Fair

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Feb 27, 2015 11:09PM

Amidst the bustle of Armory Arts Week, THE(un)SCENE was established to celebrate passion rather than fashion, and embodies the spirit of a spontaneous happening with a carefully curated multi-media exhibition.

In contrast to the maze of cookie-cutter, white-walled art fairs, THE(un)SCENE lets participants experience art away from the frenzy of other large commercial exhibitions. The fair showcases innovative installations, performance art, painting, sculpting, and participatory pieces with the goal of celebrating the spirit that underlies the work of the creative process.

Added inspiration stems from the fair's location; it is the kind of place to which pioneering artists and galleries have always been drawn. Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood in transition, with luxury residential developments suddenly rising from a rough-hewn neighborhood that has remained largely unchanged for decades. Thousands of visitors to the Armory Show one block away at Pier 92 stream by our street level space to find the best surprise of their Arts Week.

The curators, art advisors, event planners, designers and artists that make up THE(un)SCENE team are united by a mission that differentiates the show from others. The artwork is united by the unimpeachable passion and impeccable craftsmanship of the artists, and is exhibited in an easily navigable space that is itself a work of art. 

After working in trading and sales in the finance industry from 1994-2007, Gary Krimershmoys left the business to dedicate himself full time to his passion for art. First studying at Saint Martin's College of Art and Design and Sotheby's Institute, he then joined the art advisory company Quintessentially Art as Managing Director. He moved to the US from London in 2009 to open the company's New York office, where he helped an international group of ultra- and high-net worth individuals acquire and manage collections of modern and contemporary art. In 2012, stemming from the desire to actively work with and exhibit contemporary artists, Gary opened a project space called (Art)Amalgamated, later rebranded as Vohn Gallery. Vohn Gallery is devoted to presenting adventurous projects by an international group of artists working across various media, all connected by the strong conceptual underpinnings to their practices. As a member of the Management Team for THE(un)SCENE, Krimershmoys heads the Art Sales division, working to connect collectors with meaningful works of art. 

THE(un)SCENE is a hybrid art show that emphasizes the passion of artists and art lovers. Krimershmoys and fair's management team seek to encourage visitors to purchase art with their heart, eyes, and gut - not their ears. THE(un)SCENE transcends categorizations so familiar in the art market. Instead, the fair appeals to all demographics by displaying work by established artists alongside that of emerging artists in an effort to display their shared spirit. 

Visit THE(un)SCENE Art Fair at 549 W. 52nd Street, New York, from March 4-8, 2015

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