"Terracotta worriers" by D. Gretsky come to St. Petersburg

Marina Gisich Gallery
Jan 20, 2014 6:13PM

We are pleased to announce the soon opening of the project by russian-canadian artists Dmitry Gretsky and Evgeniya Kaz, which we will present on January 23rd at the gallery space on Fontanka river in St. Petersburg. 

"Terracotta worriers" - is not the first project of the artists at Marina Gisich Gallery. Large-scale hyperrealistic pictures by Gretsky this time are even bigger. The exhibition is going to show 5 huge canvases depicting giant figures of children, occupying the whole gallery space.

The series was started in 2011 and counts about 15 canvases. The last 5 are exhibited for the first time. "Terracotta worriers" were nominated for Kandinksy Prize (Russia), Sobey Art Award (Canada), Innovation Prize (Russia) in 2011. 

The exhibition will work from January 23rd to February 19th.

More information and images: http://www.gisich.com/exhibitions?view=future

Marina Gisich Gallery