Solo Project Part 1: Pavel Büchler’s Failed Paintings

The Armory Show 2013
Mar 1, 2013 3:15PM

Last year, we we launched our inaugural Solo Projects section, dedicated to single artist presentations from leading dealers around the world. This year, we present you with nine galleries and, today, a spotlight on Pavel Büchler at Tanya Leighton Gallery, who will install a series of his Modern Paintings around the walls of the booth.

“The paintings that I use are failures. They all started with the first ambitious brush stroke but lost their way,” Büchler says of his paintings, which are sourced from auctions and flea markets and the discarded artwork of students. To create his work, Büchler cleans each painting with a layer of acrylic primer, peeling the original paint from the canvas before it cycles through a washing machine. The patches of paint are then re-applied to the canvas and assembled face down, “so that the first brush marks are now the surface,” he says. “The reversed paint stores everything that went into the painting. It holds all the history and evidence of the painter’s painterly intentions but only reveals where the paintings began.”

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The Armory Show 2013