Aurora Robson - The Fontenel, 2004, recycled plastic bottles, rivets and spray paint

David Collins
Apr 8, 2014 12:27AM

Despite girding ourselves to NOT BUY ANY art at the Affordable Art fair - we caved at the first booth, spotting this sculpture in a little closet packed with art.  

Amazing, we had to have it - and at the same time we were smitten by its creator, who happened to be at the booth, a smite we've happily been unable to shake to this day as we've cheered her on to increasingly amazing works and enormous installations and site specific environments.  

She's a formidable artist with a genuine and relevant social and environmental messages -  particularly as we wonder about the lost Malaysian flight and learn more about the enormity of the Pacific gyres (garbage clusters bigger than most US states).

David Collins
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