Meta: Conversations with Silence

Amy Miller
Oct 21, 2014 3:57AM

In any philosophical discourse, it is ultimately concluded that essence is something which exceeds and exists beyond physical nature. Yet, physical nature can be used to hint at this intangible ‘essence’. In this series of photographs, questions of the complex nature of essence and existence are brought to the forefront.

‘Meta: Conversations with Silence’ is an exploration into metaphysical contemplation and the synesthesiac experience that arises from shape, color, absence, presence, and juxtaposition; all pushing toward the ambiguity of essence, and the ambiguity of existence—life and death, time, absence and presence.

Own their own, each piece tells its own existential story. Displayed alongside one another in a thoughtfully curated exhibition runs a string of blurred boundaries between selfhood and externality, the physical and metaphysical, the tactile and impalpable; the potency of silence, fragmented moments, and essence beyond physicality.

Amy Miller