The Back Room Weekly: "El Dorado" by S.R. Jones

Dec 17, 2014 8:12PM

The Back Room Weekly is a weekly essay featuring gems from our back room. This communication with JAYJAY patrons has been a vital way to promote the idea that the artworks we exhibit are each one of-a-kind-objects worth being singled out and discussed out of the context of an exhibit. All these artworks present a clear picture of JAYJAY’s mission that we continue to execute; exhibiting modern and contemporary work from museum track artists; scholars really, from this region and beyond.  

This week's piece: El Dorado by S.R. Jones

S.R. Jones draws inspiration from numerous disparate places; the female form, mysterious landscapes, tattoos, and Islamic patterning. He creates exotic tales out of edgy assemblages made with found objects and his own photography. A refined balance of lush colors, delicate textures, and multiple layers form an intriguing depth of field to the enigmatic composition.  

El Dorado features an intimate setting of a female nude gracefully posing within a forest of S.R. Jones’ clippings. Decorated foliage, maps, and haunting images encompass the figure. The repetition of stars and floral motifs branch out from the woods and echo the tattoos on the woman’s body. A skeletal hand peeks through the trees; attempting to blend into the natural environment. Jones effectively controls viewers’ eyes, with the use of lights and darks, as they move about his evocative imagery like fascinated explorers. As the sun sets in the background, an orange glow appears against the deep greens in the mystical land of El Dorado.