The Back Room Weekly: "Red on Orange, Orange on Red (Devil Girl)" by Micheal Sarich

Feb 9, 2015 8:19PM

The Back Room Weekly is a weekly essay featuring gems from our back room. This communication with JAYJAY patrons has been a vital way to promote the idea that the artworks we exhibit are each one of-a-kind-objects worth being singled out and discussed out of the context of an exhibit. All these artworks present a clear picture of JAYJAY’s mission that we continue to execute; exhibiting modern and contemporary work from museum track artists; scholars really, from this region and beyond.  

This week's piece: Red on Orange, Orange on Red (Devil Girl) by Michael Sarich 

Michael Sarich exhibited several impressively large and boldly colored paintings last year at JAYJAY.  Sarich’s work is well known for its graphic energy and visual exploration of pop culture that exemplifies the artist’s personal stream of consciousness. Compelling on a social, archetypal, and personal level, Sarich’s artwork unfolds layers of imagery that is revealed to viewers the more they delve into the piece.

Red on Orange, Orange on Red (Devil Girl) pays homage to famous painter, Mark Rothko. Although Sarich and Rothko differ in subject matter, they share many similarities that are uniquely displayed in this painting. Rothko strongly believed in the purity of his paintings to evoke an emotional impact and compared to Sarich’s other work, Red on Orange, Orange on Red is the purest of Sarich’s content. Both artists used soft edges to layer, blend, and fuse high keyed pigments and vibrant colors into their surrounding space. Translucent under-layers are visible and induce a quality of inner light using luminosity and surface texture. Both artists also painted on large scale canvases to place viewers inside the composition. Sarich, however, still remained true to himself and placed one of his rotating cast of characters, the devil girl, front and center amid swimming fish conjuring Sarich’s inner angler.