In the Studio: Shan Gang

Reverie Arts
Nov 18, 2014 6:47PM

The work of Artist Shan Gang (b. October 12, 1958) is directly inspired by European art from his years spent studying and living in Holland. In both timing and methodology, his work is somewhat avant-garde among contemporary Chinese art. 

Nurtured by many years of studying in the Chinese tradition, Gang’s work possesses more than just the composition and color patterns of Western artwork —rather they also hold the literati tone of Chinese ink painting. The meeting of East and West is a constant in his artwork.

In the early oughts while settled in Shanghai, Gang’s work evolved to include more aggressive elements of abstract and expressionism though the painting atmosphere at the time was leading towards cynical realism and Kitsch. He insisted on his ideologies instead of trend; this persistent adherence has manifested in his personality as an artist.

Reverie Arts