West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park Preparing Expanded Exhibition Calendar for 2015

West Branch Gallery
Dec 16, 2014 10:40PM
West Branch Gallery

West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park is preparing an expanded exhibition program in 2015. The new program will feature a series of exhibitions that allow for a deeper reflection and interpretation of gallery artists and sculptors.

West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park is one of Vermont’s premier destinations for contemporary art. Located in the bucolic mountain town of Stowe, Vermont, the indoor gallery and outdoor sculpture park is situated on the West Branch of the Little River. In March 2014, West Branch Gallery inaugurated a new 630-square-foot wing, bringing the total exhibition space to 3,400 square feet in four rooms on two levels. A 3.5 acre park outside the gallery is dotted with large outdoor sculpture. In June 2014, the gallery launched a blog that reports on gallery activities and reflects on the art on view.

“Our philosophy at West Branch has always been to seek constant improvement. The 2015 exhibition program will be our most ambitious in our 14 year history,” said West Branch partner Christopher Curtis. “We are very pleased to be able to highlight more of the talents and artwork of the fine group of artists we represent. For our patrons and visitors, we hope to offer more insight than ever to the art we show.”

In 2015 the gallery is launching an exhibition program that will activate all four galleries with frequently changing, curated exhibits. Each exhibit will include more robust interpretational materials. The gallery has engaged writer and artist, Ric Kasini Kadour to assist with curating and to contribute writing to the gallery blog and print materials.

Kadour is a Montreal-based writer, artist, and former gallerist. He is a regular contributor to Art New England. He publishes Kolaj, a printed, international magazine about contemporary, fine art collage and Art Map Burlington, a guide to Burlington, Vermont’s contemporary art scene. He operates an art shop that specializes in art products and ephemera. And he is currently working on a book that reimagines regionalism in a contemporary context.

“As the gallery has grown, both in physical space and artistic sophistication, the curatorial challenges have continued to increase,” said West Branch partner Tari Swenson. “I’m very happy to have Ric on our team, he not only brings a depth of knowledge and experience, he gets what we’re doing, the heart of art.”

The exhibition program will commence in early January with the lighthearted exhibition, “Menagerie”, that explores representations of animals in artwork. In late January, an exhibition that investigates gallery artists’ use of abstraction will open. The complete exhibition program will be announced in early February.

“Exhibitions at the West Branch Gallery offer our clients and the public the opportunity to experience art in a friendly, casual environment,” said partner Tari Swenson. “We want to provide the opportunity to engage with the art on a deeper level and discover the same joy for art that we have.”

“2015 looks pretty exciting, it oughta be a doozy,” said Curtis.

West Branch Gallery