Evgeny Antufiev

Collezione Maramotti
Mar 11, 2015 8:54PM

Title: Evgeny Antufiev                                                          Texts by: Evgeny Antufiev, Nadezhda and Nadia Antufieva, Anton Belov, Angela Boskis, Marianna and Ekaterina Devlet, Valentin Diaconov, Oleg Dou. Tiziano Ghirelli, Ivan Gorshkov, Oleg Mere, Sayana Ondur, Marco Pedrazzini, Pavel Pepperstein, Olga Treivas, Arseniy Zhilyaev                       Publisher: A + M Bookstore, Milano                                   Year: 2013                                                                             Number of pages: 152                                                     Dimension: 28 x 19.5 cm                                           Language: English/ Italian

It is possible to download the texts in Russian through the QR code in the book or here: www.collezionemaramotti.org/antufiev.pdf

The book can be also purchased on the website: www.artecontemporanea.com 

Realized on the occasion of the project Twelve, wood, dolphin, knife, bowl, mask, crystal, bones and marble - fusion. Exploring materials at the Collezione Maramotti (17 February - 31 July 2013), this artist’s book is consigned in visitors’ hands as a map of the exhibition, but not only. Antufiev writes in the book preface: “Even when the exhibition will be closed I hope it does not lose its actuality because this book is an artefact. It's part of me, of my life. Reading this book is not easy and I am sorry for that: I thank all those who wish to do that. Do not focus on a single text because each text is connected with others and makes sense in this relationship. I made a small scheme that can help you to relate them. I added some notes in the book to clarify words and concepts to people who do not live in my country.”

The volume includes a number of images: Antufiev’s artworks selection, photographs taken by the artist, pictures accompanying the texts. 

Collezione Maramotti