John F. Simon Jr.,Outside In. Ten years of Software art

Collezione Maramotti
Mar 11, 2015 3:50PM

Title: John F. Simon Jr. Outside In. Ten years of Software art
Text by: Mario Diacono
Publisher: Gli Ori. Editori contemporanei, Pistoia

Year of publication: 2009 Number of pages: 60
Size: 22 x 22
Languages: Italian and English Price: 18 €

The book outlines the course taken by American artist John Simon in software art. Simon's software generates compositions, moving colours, shapes in vibrant and on- going patterns, within an endless spectrum of combinations never repeating themselves, and produces a plurality of visual experiences. With his artworks Simon re-elaborates what might become the “21st-century painting”, by turning it, from a time-defined medium, into another one constantly developing on endless time-space planes. 

Collezione Maramotti