Malick SidibéLa vie en rose

Collezione Maramotti
Mar 11, 2015 6:36PM

Title: Malick Sidibé. La vie en rose
Texts by: Laura Incardona and Laura Serani Publisher: Silvana Editoriale, Cinisello Balsamo (MI) Year of publication: 2010
Number of pages: 160
Size: 17 x 24
Languages: Italian, English, French
Price: 35 €

... In my archives, in the boxes that store my negatives well classified by year and event, there is Mali's history. I am a faithful witness of changes in my Country, because photography does not tell lies..... it narrates, without deception. (Malick Sidibé)

A focus on Malick Sidibé's photography from the Sixties and Seventies: from studio portraits in Bamako, in the purest African tradition, to the reportage work carried out during the period of his country's liberation. A unique documentation on Malian society and an important testimony of the opening towards the West, the desire for emancipation and enthusiasm of young generations.

The book, with images for the most part never published before, wants also to pay a tribute to the internationally- renowned photographer, and accompanies the exhibition dedicated to the artist, the largest ever in Italy. 

Collezione Maramotti