Juan Sanchez-Juarez at Rue Royale Fine Art

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Feb 23, 2015 5:43PM

Whether he’s drawing a fanciful flower (Flores Hablandos), a voluptuous figure (La Linda) or a whimsical face (El Tio), Juan Sanchez-Juarez will always include his floating orb, bouncing above the abstract figurative work, casting a shadow, reminding us of the surreal nature between art and viewer.

Juan Sanchez-Juarez is one of Mexico City’s talented artists.   He is a direct descendant of Benito Juarez, President of Mexico from 1861 to 1865.  Born in 1946, he lives and works in Mexico City while his paintings represented in The Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City, Philadelphia Museum of Art and The London Art Institute.

Sanchez-Juarez starts with by painting a linear structure with the precision of a draftsman then adds broad emotional strokes of color and shadow, creating a balance between the dramatic with the pragmatic. Many times the orb is incorporated into the figure itself, as a head, (Untitled Abstract #3) or an eyeball, (El Tio) but mostly, the orb drifts along the top of the paper as if floating by, briefly observing the inner landscapes that Sanchez-Juarez is presenting, linking each work together as does common experience.

Sanchez–Juarez, commenting on his 2004 Panoramas Del Cuerpo exhibition, describes his work as “a melding of abstract, hard-edge, surrealism and the figurative – to make a statement that goes beyond the pictorial into something more compelling.”

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