‘You (you).’ by Lee Kit

Venice Biennale Collateral Events
May 27, 2013 10:59PM

You (you).’ is a major solo show by leading Hong Kong artist Lee Kit, which presents a series of new commissions including sound, video and performance works, and ready-made objects. As a collateral event of the 55th Venice Biennale, You (you). will take place in Campo della Tana, opposite the main entrance of Arsenale.

‘You (you).’ has been conceived through the recollection of personal and collective moments to reflect on the construction of memory, time, and place. The exhibition is a continuation of Lee’s investigation into the ambiguous territory between the private and public. Lee’s employment of repetitive gestures, mundane objects, and other intangible materials subtly recall the qualities of the everyday. These commonplace materials seemingly placed at random throughout the exhibition, are in fact meticulously arranged to function as emotive and sensory triggers, evoking both real and imagined memories. 

Lee Kit is to me one of the leading artists in Hong Kong’s thriving contemporary art scene. His work is at the same time uncompromising and extraordinarily open for participation, intimate and at the same time public. It truly embodies the fundamental and wonderful uncertainty at the heart of all good art – while bringing together western and ancient Asian cultural traditions.—Curator Lars Nittve 

1. 1, 2, 3, 4, 2011, Image courtesy of the artist and Lombard Freid Projects

2. Every Breath You Take, 2012-2013, Image courtesy of the artist, Aike Dellarco and Minsheng Art Museum

3. I Can't Help Falling In Love, 2012, Image courtesy of the artist and Aike Dellarco

4. It's Such a Beautiful Day, 2008, Image courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Creative Space

5. Men Look Good Here, With Their Suits On. It Benefits Them, 2008-2012, Image courtesy of the Artist and Shungo Arts

6. Pears - You, 2012, Image courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Creative Space

7. Scratching The Table Surface, 2006-2012, Image courtesy of the artist and Vitamin Creative Space

Venice Biennale Collateral Events