My Highlights from Cosmoscow 2014

Vika Gazinskaya
Sep 11, 2014 6:19PM

My Selection: 

Anastasia Potemkina, “Notebook” series, 2011, at Anna Nova Gallery

I like this whole series of works titled “Notebook.” For me, these five pieces have esoteric connotations. They show how the same situation can be detected within completely different, perspectives, mindsets, belief systems... 

Anya Titova, Vases on the Stands, 2013, at 21 

I’ve known Anna for many years—she’s not a close friend, but still. Abstracting from acquaintance with the artist, I can honestly say that I feel it could be really nice to put this work into my living space. 

Anya Titova, Untitled, 2014, at 21

I really like this work, too. It is a great sculpture piece for designing a space!

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Vika Gazinskaya