'Featured Sculptures' on VISTAS

Oct 14, 2013 3:48PM

VISTAS is pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Featured Sculptures’ section of their website at www.vistasonline.org/featured_sculpture.  We will be adding a sculpture about once a month.

The new section—which highlights rarely-viewed works of exceptional quality—is meant to underscore VISTAS’ mission, supporting new scholarship on European sculpture, 1250-1780.  Many of these works are less-known simply because they are in remote locations or in small, regional collections.  We hope that this new section will introduce you to new works.


VISTAS stands for Virtual Images of Sculpture in Time And Space.  Founded in late 2012 by Hester Diamond, Jon Landau and Fabrizio Moretti, VISTAS combines the world of traditional book publishing with the state-of-the art imaging technologies to support brand new scholarship on European sculpture produced between 1250 and 1780.  Online 360° photography, panoramic photography and video will accompany print publications to marry the best of the old and new.

More information, including submission guidelines, can be found on the VISTAS website at www.vistasonline.org.