Giving Voice To Image IV Pairs Poetry and Art

ViVO Contemporary
Oct 4, 2016 3:09PM

For the fourth time,ViVO Contemporary artists collaborated with an award winning group of New Mexico poets who gave poetic voice to artistic image in the new show, Giving Voice To Image 4.  This creative alliance drew its inspiration from the ancient Roman poet Horace’s adage, “A picture is a poem without words.” All too often, artistic disciplines remain separate.  Giving Voice To Image 4 was a unique and exciting celebration of the beauty of words and images which explored the ways in which each can intensify the power of the other.

Gallery artists and local poets worked together over the past few months to create new works inspired by each other’s conceptual visions. Emails flew back and forth as the creative process unfolded. Poets visited ViVO Contemporary as well as the artists’ individual studios to view the artists’ work, discuss themes, and cultivate ideas. The result of this shared effort is an exciting show of new poetry and works of art inspired by and amplified through collaboration. 

 Both the art and the poetry created from this collaboration were spotlighted in a series of poetry readings - cum - gallery openings for the show. Specifically, sculptors, painters, book artists, printmakers, kiln glass artists and mixed media artists from ViVO Contemporary have paired with established and notable New Mexico poets. Readings by the poets took place at the gallery.

A paperback collection of the poems and artwork is available at Amazon.

ViVO Contemporary