2017 Exhibition Videos

Walker Fine Art
Apr 3, 2018 8:03PM

Infinite Layers | November 10, 2017- January 13, 2018

Barbara Sorenson | Laura Guese | Sabin Aell | Chris Richter | Lindsey Halleckson | Allison Svodoba

The process of layering as a painting technique has been used by artists for centuries. This group exhibition explores the infinite possibilities of detail in minimalism through the subtle energy found in shifting layers and rhythmic patterns. The subject matter of these 6 artists lives in the layers.  The use of monochromatic palettes, additionally, turns the attention to the delicate subtleties of each artists’ work.

Experimental Surroundings | September 8- November 4, 2017

Melissa Borrell | Heather Patterson | Chris DeKnikker | David Mazza | Deidre Adams | Kim Ferrer

Free from recognizable elements, abstraction allows the artist to explore and create experimental surroundings.  In this group exhibition, 6 artists examine constructed environments within their abstract work.  Through sculpture, painting and installation, a collective dialogue emerges regarding the constant overlap of form, line, movement and perception of time.

Human | Nature | June 23- September 2, 2017

Jessica Drenk | Derrick Breidenthal | Carol Browning | Norman Epp | Lee Hekin | Don Quade | Karin Schminke

The wonders of natural environments are often known to spark creativity in the human mind. Drawing inspiration from nature, while freeing themselves from representational qualities, these 7 artists collectively evoke natural abstractions through varying media.  Their works look at man's influence on nature, and nature's subsequent response. Organic references ground their compositions in an effort to make sense of random elements through nature's inherent geometry

Metaphors | April 28- June 17, 2017

Meagen Svendsen | Peter Illig | Farida Hughes | Patricia Finley | Ana Zanic | Andrew Marcus

Metaphors in visual art use symbolism and comparisons to represent certain ideas or thoughts; they help us make sense of the world that we live in.  This group exhibit features six artists who explore the use of metaphors within each of their diverse mediums. These artists piece together a canvas of new concepts, and present them in ways which are familiar. This allows us, as viewers, to link the fresh with the understood.

Unexplored Terrain | March 10- April 28, 2017

Bobby Lhotka | Robert Buelteman | Karalee Kuchar | Zelda Zinn | Emma Powell | Sally Stockhold | Jean Albus | Anne Arden McDonald | Jim Gmeiner | Julie Anand

Photography is 190 years young, and there is still much unexplored terrain.  The artists featured in this exhibition for Denver’s Month in Photography raise some interesting questions about what photography can be. From the earliest experiments and methods, to post-process inclusions, to developing entirely original printing methods, these artists are directly manipulating photographic ingredients to push boundaries and create innovative, far-reaching concepts that help to define the broad range of photography today.

This exhibit was juried and curated by Bobbi Walker of Walker Fine Art and Patti Hallock of the Society for Photographic Education.

Walker Fine Art