The Space Between

Walker Fine Art
Oct 19, 2018 2:11PM

It is in the quiet, the emptiness and the pause, where we can find serenity, balance and wholeness of the mind.

Meagen Svendsen

Meagen Svendsen

Unification. Wholeness. One.

I recently heard the phrase, “suffering is caused by the illusion that we are all separate from one another; the idea that others are better than we are and the assumption that we are incapable of certain things since we are inadequate.” Once we stop comparing ourselves to others and recognize that we are unified by a common force, our suffering will end.

Easier said than done, right?

Chris Hassig

Taking a breath and meditating provides a space to reflect; on your life, on the connections with the people around you, on the positives and negatives of our actions and relationships. Negative space in this exhibition acts as a metaphorical breath. A pause in the composition of these works allows the viewer to take a breath and meditate, forcing you to ponder over the intent of the artist.

Art provides a therapeutic process in which a person learns about themselves and their surroundings, driving us to self-unity. This exhibition is meant to be meditative in its ability to clear your mind and refocus your thoughts, as well as guide us to explore the aspects of our lives which make us whole. It is within this tranquil search of ourselves, in which the space between can reveal a harmonious power.

Allison Svoboda

Allison Svoboda

I’ve fallen in love with art for one reason, its inexplicably unique ability to reveal hidden secrets about myself. I believe we find pieces of ourselves in art. Not the other way around. Art has the power to reveal things about ourselves which we didn’t even know were present. That’s why it is so healing. It brings us to recognize that our lives aren’t perfect and we have things to fix, even if we didn’t remember we did. Art picks us apart, rather than us picking it apart.

We respond to art because we acknowledge that we have something to learn from it, whether that something as simple as adding color to our lives, or as deep as opening up our minds and viewing the world in a new light. Through this exhibition we meditate over that power which unifies us.

Jesse Poulin

So maybe it really isn’t that difficult to find this unifying force. It might possibly be as simple as allowing art to give you answers through the physical manifestation of meditating over the space between.

The Space Between will be on view from September 14, 2018 - November 3, 2018.

Featuring Meagen Svendsen, Angela Beloian, Karin Schminke, Allison Svoboda, Jonathan Hils, Jesse Poulin and Chris Hassig.

Walker Fine Art