Walker Fine Art Gallery: An Unparalleled Experience

Walker Fine Art
Jul 12, 2018 11:03PM

Lee Heekin

Art is powerful in its ability to inspire individual thoughts and ideas, in its ability to resonate with experiences, and in its ability to create conversations which expand beyond aesthetics. Walker Fine Art strives to capture and appreciate all aspects of art at its simplest form. Representing multiple mediums – mixed media, photography, sculpture, painting, and installation – at Walker Fine Art, the display of Contemporary Abstraction and Realism reveal the many ways in which a person can connect with art. Through themed exhibitions, our artists explore conversations with viewers in an attempt to explain the true essence of each individual.

The beauty of Contemporary Art is its surface value; its ability to elicit reactions based on the experiences of the viewer; its ability to create internal and external conversations. Through these conversations we are brought together and forced to think broadly, to ask ourselves to consider the stories of others and to step into someone else’s shoes to experience the work on display.

Carol Coates

Walker Fine Art encourages these conversations. The contemporary art which is on display is meant to be questioned; meant to create uncomfortable and new conversations of the changing world; meant to elicit deep and emotional feelings; meant to expand your mind.

Aaron Morgan Brown

Please join us, in the gallery and on these pages, in exploring these conversations. Regardless of your background knowledge in art, art is influential in teaching new insights. We ask that you teach us something new; something creative about your interpretation of our art and the emotions they elicit, and we promise to do the same.

Julie Maren

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Walker Fine Art