Martyn Brewster's Park Paintings

Waterhouse & Dodd
May 17, 2019 10:08AM

Waterhouse & Dodd present Martyn Brewster's 5th solo show in our London gallery, Park Paintings 1975-1995.

For over 25 years the canvases displayed in Park Paintings 1975-1995 lay undisturbed in a studio in Finsbury Park. Today, these large, brightly coloured works are on display in our Mayfair gallery.

The artist in front of Parkwood Series 17, 1991

In 1992, Brewster joined a group of artists in a co-operative venture and acquired a building in Finsbury Park to convert for use as studios.

Brewster let his studio to a photographer after relocating to Dorset. Under the terms of the tenancy, Martyn was able to store large canvases in a sealed off corner of the studio rather than transport them down to his new space. The photographer vacated the studio last summer, which encouraged Martyn and Waterhouse & Dodd to view and catalogue the works which had lain unseen for almost 30 years.

The works found in the stores were from when he was closely associated with the Warwick Arts Trust in London, where he displayed alongside John Hoyland and Gillian Ayres. The Trust had provided a welcome haven for abstract artists and their collectors at a time when figurative art was more prevalent in commercial galleries.

Brewster's paintings are an emotional and lyrical response to the environment; they have abstract qualities but retain a connection to the natural world and the landscape tradition in art.

Nightfall 3, 1989

Summer, 1986

Untitled (Variation Series), 1987

The exhibition runs until 7th June 2019 in our London gallery at 47 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JW.

For more information please contact Jamie Anderson at [email protected]

Installation view of Dancing Light, 1989, and Falling Light, 1991

Installation view of Winter Light, 1994

Waterhouse & Dodd