FLYCASE ROCK BOOK A special edition to celebrate AC/DC’s 40th Anniversary

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Jun 7, 2014 2:56PM

ABDUL VAS new edition book "FLIGHT CASE" AC/DC 40th Anniversary 2014. When you see it in one of the murals or the canvases, you first think, “Oh, WOW! That’s what my life feels like at this moment.” But it's not that simple. I don't think the artist’s work is merely a reflection of those who want to see themselves in it, nor that it says anything that's exactly about you. Maybe there's something you recognise, images that remind you of something you have seen, or something you have thought before or are thinking now. This agglomeration of images that meet in what is supposedly a truck is such a complex universe of signs and narratives that it amounts to Abdul Vas's most audacious work, and perhaps his darkest. I am not sure whether, in any of the diverse manifestations of his visual vocabulary, it is Vas's intention to address our everyday lives.  His intension seems, rather, to portray what is certainly a universe in which many of us take part, a concrete universe in which you may or may not recognize yourself, but it which you will unmistakably recognise our time.

Until this point, we know that Abdul Vas's work had developed by mingling the cultural obsessions of his native Venezuela with symbols supposedly representing the American Dream. He used aggressive and well-hung roosters to show us his vision of the cowboy culture of the USA, among allusions to the National Rifle Association and the Cincinnati Reds, pornography and SUVs. But Vas's titles and textual insertions evince a growing obsession with the Australian rock group AC/DC, its lead singer Brian Johnson, and its founder Malcolm Young. Vas got interested in trucks after a stage with references to SUVs. But the first illustration of which I am aware in which he linked a

Navistar truck to AC/DC is a simple piece that Vas made as if it were a cover for an AC/DC album The title of the imaginary album is For Those About to Cock –a play on the genuine 1981 AC/DC album For Those About to Rock We Salute You—with a lovely, somewhat childlike, almost constructivist sketch that isn't at all aggressive, and that surely resonates more with a real Navistar truck.

When I asked him, Vas said, “What motivated me was that the International-Navistars had been used on some of AC/DC's tours to transport their stages in America. Everything fell into place to get me obsessed with these trucks, and to build the first AC/DC-controlled Navistar.” The book will be released worldwide on September 1st 2014.

There’ll also be a collector’s edition which will include: 4 stickers, concert posters, backstage passes and loads of more surprise goodies.

No other than the legendary Gerard Huerta, creator of the AC/DC’s logo - has also added his talent to this special edition with the design of Vas’ logo. This now helps the artist get one step closer to his ultimate heroes.


Artsy Editors
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