Stephen St. Francis Decky at the Chalk Art Festival, Northampton MA

William Baczek Fine Arts
Sep 12, 2014 5:08PM

We are very excited to have one of our artists, Stephen St. Francis Decky, here to participate in the annual Chalk Art Festival and Arts Night Out here in downtown Northampton, MA!

Stephen St. Francis Decky is a painter, sculptor and film maker.  His anthromorphic world is inhabited by characters that include angels, demons, flying fruit, planets and space-ships.  The tales that they tell, although sometimes mysterious usually represent issues of choice within love and morality...a father devil offering his son an alternative to devilish-ness, a werewolf is tempted by love outside the home and serpents and angels fly about in the sky, forming their own constellations.  Sometimes serious issues can present themselves in lighter form and Stephen St. Francis Decky disguises serious messages in a playful way.

Photo: Stephen St. Francis Decky hard at work in front of William Baczek Fine Arts in downtown Northampton, MA. One of Decky's newest paintings, A Shepherd, is shown in the window display.

William Baczek Fine Arts