Tracy Rocca’s Desert and Sea at Winston Wächter Seattle is yoga for the eyes

Winston Wächter Fine Art
Aug 11, 2016 6:48PM

Like most, after a full weekend of viewing at the Seattle Art Fair, my mind and eyes need a reset. Tracy Rocca’s Desert and Sea provides the perfect palette cleanser. Rocca’s July 19th opening reception was filled wall to wall, but the current quiet of the gallery is in fact the ideal condition for viewing. A visit to Winston Wächter Seattle is the perfect afternoon for art wellness. 

Winston Wächter Seattle installation Tracy Rocca "Desert and Sea"


As always, her canvases are delicately layered, creating air and space within her compositions. Rocca’s paintings simultaneously move towards you and away, in hypnotic vibration. When viewed closely, the seemingly void areas reveal the softest touches of pink, blue, green and yellow. The calm and feeling of introspection often found with time in the desert or sea, is truly captured here. You can almost smell the freshness of the air.

Drift, 2016
Winston Wächter Fine Art

The effect of Rocca’s transformative paintings is further enhanced by her ability to create works which are both soothing and vibrant. Her blues, pinks, oranges and greens are all electric in areas, while fading to barely visible in others. It can be said that most artwork must be seen in person, but to fully experience Rocca’s painting, attendance is a must. 

Divide and Bloom installation. Photo courtesy of Deb Achak. 

Desert and Sea will be on view at Winston Wächter Seattle (203 Dexter Ave N.) until August 31st. 

By Jessica Shea

Winston Wächter Fine Art