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The Working Artist’s Guide

How to Overcome Creative Block
Creative block can leave you feeling helpless, whether you’re an amateur or an experienced artist. These five exercises can help.
Ingrid Christensen
Jan 04, 2019
How to Build Confidence as an Artist
Artists share their experiences of overcoming doubt and impostor syndrome, and maintaining the necessary confidence to keep making their art.
Casey Lesser
Dec 18, 2018
How to Write an Artist Statement
We spoke to art writing experts to find out the best practices for writing a strong, effective artist statement.
Eli Hill
Sep 03, 2018
How to File Your Taxes as an Artist
We spoke to artist-accountant Hannah Cole to learn some basic tips that can help artists navigate tax season.
Casey Lesser
Mar 19, 2019
How to Talk about Your Art
Even the most gifted artists can feel daunted when talking about their work. We spoke to experts for insights on how artists can be clear, effective speakers.
Margaret Carrigan
Mar 13, 2018
How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Art Practice
We spoke with four artists and a social media expert about how artists can use their social media habits to strengthen their art practices.
Eli Hill
Apr 10, 2019
How to Deal with the Press as an Artist
The relationship between artists and art journalists can often seem shrouded in mystery. Here, we share a guide for artists on doing interviews with the press.
Scott Indrisek
Aug 15, 2019
How Do Artists Get Gallery Representation?
For young artists, securing gallery representation can seem like an unobtainable goal. But it doesn’t have to be a pipe dream.
Alexxa Gotthardt
Jul 25, 2017
How to Market Yourself as an Artist
For artists, marketing boils down to strategically getting the word out about your art to reach an audience. But where should do you begin?
Casey Lesser
Sep 24, 2018
How to Succeed as an Artist While Living outside of Art-World Capitals
You want to be an artist but can’t face the relentless pace and astronomical rents of cities like New York and London. Can you still hope for success?
Tess Thackara
Sep 06, 2018
About the Series

Pursuing a career as an artist is not an easy feat. The job entails far more than the act of making art alone. Working artists are constantly hustling—whether that means giving studio visits, applying for grants and residencies, reaching out to the press, managing finances, or growing an Instagram following. Plus, all working artists eventually must cope with inevitable bouts of rejection and creative block. The articles collected here are intended as resources for artists, to help support their careers and foster professional growth.