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Oct 31, 2013 2:13AM

“FLOATING CLOUDS” (Beyond the visions of the soul)


Artist Liu Qiming graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1995, and during this period, he had personally experienced the process of evolution in the Chinese social structure. The social display of oppression, the various experiences of vulnerable groups and phenomena, has been the main dominant source of his creativity. In this searing reality, no individual will be able to ignore and escape, especially when the society is one of the most sensitive populations. Update Post

The "Cloud" series is based on the artist's life experiences, knowledge and feelings from his past record. As an artist, the most basic foundation of his life, made art like they were his mother tongue. His painting skills and techniques have reached an impeccable height, where his works would be more representative of the perfusion sign of times.

In this series, you can also feel the artist's progression in transformation. His choice of subject matter gradually moved from a pure single screen to a more tactful way of expression, metaphor. A group of geometry cloud, or a grotesque looking cloud cut into half resting on a single heavy black background, the overall expression seemed to fathom a sense of calmness, a vision that leads the audience to break away from the customary concepts.

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