Flynn Grinnan

Yellow Peril Gallery
Nov 24, 2013 8:21PM

Flynn Grinnan is an experiential artist originally from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, trained in traditional pottery methods and techniques to create functional objects. His artwork addresses the interaction between material and the human body. His newest work accentuates the intersection of fabric and body through the use of fabric draped over a live model, molded and casted – leaving an illusory fabric sheet mimicking the moment it covered a live body. 

Grinnan’s goal is to present evidence of the human body to the viewer, and has done this previously through a thrown vessel form, a fired slab of clay that was draped over a body, or a photograph depicting similar acts. Through the indication of a body’s presence, the relationship between the viewer and the object becomes an isolated experience that can activate feeling and emotion in relation to the viewer’s own body. 

A graduate of Hampshire College, with a focus in studio arts, Flynn now lives and creates in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Yellow Peril Gallery