Ruth Dealy

Yellow Peril Gallery
Nov 24, 2013 8:37PM

Ruth Dealy is an artist who has lived and worked in Providence, Rhode Island for the last 34 years. She is interested in the tension between what is seen and what is felt. Her work falls into two major groups, self-portraits and landscapes. Both are constants, mutated by time, light and season. She tries to paint directly from her eye to her hand, without the shadow of editorial opinion falling in between.

In The Land Of The Blind is a series of paintings Dealy created from looking out of her second story studio window at a Providence city park over a period of around two years.

During this period Dealy gradually lost her sight, which changed her painting from an observant dialogue to a kind of terrified prayer said over and over.

This change from a linear narrative to a place without time was like an instant modernism.

Once Dealy could see again she was thrilled with the presence of the blind paintings but, unable to reproduce that feeling of void, loss and terror.

Dealy has gone back to celebrating each leaf, twig and ray of light, but this time being aware of the darkness.

Yellow Peril Gallery