Pineapple’s secret

Yi Zhou Studio
Jan 11, 2013 8:15AM

3D Animation

Duration: 46s, 2013

Yi Zhou was commissioned by Gripoix to interpret melted glass (the material identified as Gripoix's signature) in a video for the artist's jewelry collection, entitled "Pineapple's Secret". 

Following months of research in Paris and Shanghai, Ms. Zhou identified Madame Bovary as a creative touch point for her work, drawing particular inspiration from the following passage: The lusts of the flesh... ..the melancholy of passion all blended themselves into one suffering and instead of turning her thoughts from it she clave to it the more, urging herself to pain and seeking everywhere occasion for it. -------Madame Bovary, Part II, Chapter 5, Gustave Flaubert

According to Yi Zhou, the text conjures up the essences of both the pineapple and melted glass, seeking to explore the common hidden secrets and complexities of these beautiful organic and human creations throughout the resulting piece.

Yi Zhou Studio