Rippling Orchid Melody

Yi Zhou Studio
Jan 25, 2013 7:35AM

Performance Video

Duration: 1 min 37s, 2013

Performed and Written by Yi Zhou

Produced by and Moon Prism Digital Arts Ltd

Graphic design by Yi Zhou Studio

DOP Maximilla LukacsAssistant

DOP Andrew Tonkery

Editing Annalisa Schillaci

Post-Production Augustus color


Special thanks to

Jonnie Buick

Creative Exchange Agency 

Yi Zhou Studio Team


Accompanying the collection, the artist has interpreted the jewelry in a performance video shot in a Victorian house in Los Angeles: its manifestations and style are an explicit homage to Yoko Ono, Francesca Woodman, Francis Bacon and Pina Bausch.

The video showcases a new relaxed approach to luxury, emphasizing street-style and a sense of understated cool.

This new interpretation of hippy culture is also explored in the photo campaign, where the colors of the jewelry take center stage and Yi Zhou takes her couture jewelry to the streets of Malibu, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The collection was created using colored glasses and metal, drawing inspiration from the well-known Chinese poem ‘Rippling Orchid Melody’ and plays with the contrast between hollowness and solidity, with orchid color tones in glossy blue and strawberry red.

The perfect gift for Valentine’s day, Yi Zhou’s Rippling Orchid Melody collection is available exclusively on from the end of January.

Yi Zhou Studio