Secret Iceland

Yi Zhou Studio
Dec 24, 2014 3:39AM

Short Documentary

Duration: 4 min 56s, 2013

Secret Iceland is the first road-trip documentary short commissioned by Iceberg, written and directed by Yi Zhou.  

It depicts a modern Utopian tale of four friends traveling towards icy landscapes. In their journey, the four characters each represent a different personality: romantic, rock, bohemian and artist.  Far from the logos and marketing surrounding daily urban life, it's an homage to Iceland, nature, and the essence of love and friendship.  

Emotional variation is at the film’s core: a parallelism between human beings and landscapes. Sentiment is juxtaposed with landscape: glaciers, flowers, icebergs, black mud filled sea, waves, seals, seagulls. 

A special soundtrack, 5 variations on the theme, has been written specifically for the documentary. A monologue, representing our internal voice, threads through the entire film.

Yi Zhou Studio