How I visited 14 rooms Art Basel

Yuliya Gorgaeva
Sep 16, 2014 11:18AM

Art Basel. One of the most famous contemporary art exhibitions this year celebrates its 45th anniversary. First time this exhibition reminds Biennale: includes films, art salon, installations, various presentations and dialogues.

The special  project of this year  is 14 rooms. Were invited 14 famous artists, each of whom presented their room according to their thoughts and views, they wanted to give the world something special, unique, maybe even make to think about life.

Room 01 - a dialogue of contemporary man and woman - it would seem so, they talk to each other, but,  listening, you  understand that everyone is talking about himself, that it was incoherent and take such unexpected turns and meaning.  Looking at them you understand that  it is a real modern "dialogue" between the two sexes - senseless and aimless.

Room 02 - Swap -  the cycle trade. Dialogue that takes place in this room, bares all human essence - thirst benefit and exchange. Here you can get everything from glasses or a ticket to the exhibition, to consult a lawyer or 20 euros. Most important to wait for the right moment and to offer their services. So it is in life,  do not miss the chance, otherwise who knows how many more will have to wait.


Room 03 - Yoko ono - full pitch darkness, it's

 only the sense of touch. In the dark you understand your helplessness, you will come across other such helpless people.

 Looking your way to the light to the exit becomes scared of awareness of their own helplessness and begin to understand the blind people who constantly live in a world of darkness, and so in need of us.

Room 04 - installation Damien Hirst. Famous colored circles on the wall - two paintings - two twins - all absolutely similar. Name of installation varies depending on the names of the twins involved in the project. In my opinion, it symbolizes the eternity of art in relation to the short life of a person who is just a decoration on its background.

Room 05 - Women sing Nocturne for

plants, wear them on the head, praise them. It's very symbolic, as the woman continues life on earth, and mankind will perish without plants.

Room 06 - the inscription on the door - enter one by one. Huge queue  I stand 45 minutes, people are coming out with different reaction. Becomes a little scary.

Door can be opened only from the outside, respectively, I can get out if somebody will help me. I'm afraid even more. And now - it's my turn, I go ... and there ... EMPTY! NOTHING! Just a room. When I came out, I realized how this situation shows our stubbornness and curiosity. All of us in the pursuit of the unknown stand in these lines not knowing what is waiting for us, waiting for a miracle and surprise.

And how often do we get just a room's emptiness instead of miracle.

Room 07 - honestly, I did not understand it completely. There was a young man who just sometimes knocked hands or feet on the wall. Clearly not happy. I formed with only one association seen - it is human laziness.

Room 08 - Equal number of men and women to hold fast to each other dancing. And if you walk into the room, you can't leave it - you are in the power of the crowd, people dancing, moving in a certain direction. This installation - a revolution, protest. You are forced to go along with the crowd getting into the funnel events, not even wanting it in your soul.

 So happens most of the revolutions, wars - people just are inside, and very difficult to go out, and you need to find a way to escape in right moment.


Room 09 - a woman stays in the air. Against all the laws of physics, against everything around.


Room 10 - a woman and a mirror. With only a small mirror in her hands in which she can see  a part of herself, woman is trying  to understand her own body. Watching her, comes to thinking about the human passion for self-knowledge in any situation.


Room 11 - no one works more than me. Near the screen sits a man in a mask on his face. He can say whatever he wants, to yawn, to grimace, and people look at the screen and try to understand. He invites a crowd of people, and in fact, the meaning of his installation for me is that we are all in this world are trying to attract attention in any way, and this is our job. Everyone wants to do nothing and get paid for it. And this guy could.

Room 12 - a veteran of the war in Kosovo, stands in the corner with his back turned to the people, not responding to questions and words. He shows his resentment and refusal to communicate - as a child, turned away from the adults offended him. This war was ... and was gone, leaving behind a lot of people disgruntled, unhappy and emotionally wounded and pain. Waiting for recognition, kindness and affection. They gave part of his life for mankind, part of his personal life for the people, for ideas, and in return received nothing. And this installation - it is a challenge to society, internal protest .

Room 13 - man = Lamp / woman = lamp-flat


Our modern life of a sad lonely man. Man - one in a room with a ceiling height of 45 cm, one with a lamp, a symbol of comfort and hearth. In today's world it is very difficult to create relationships and family. People are becoming more lonely, despite the large number of communication around. This room shows the real needs of men, remaining alone in a minimum of space to sleep and the only light at the entrance gives him hope for a good future, light, home, family. He's waiting for a woman, because a man can get comfort and happiness with her.

Room 14 - Marina Abramovic installation shows the world of the modern woman. Alone, nude in front of everyone flying in the clouds of  dreams.

 But because of the realities of  world, this woman was not able to solve their problems. By its nature, a woman is need of care and organising her . It shows a lack of wheels and steering the bike on which she sits high on the ceiling. A woman can only be a passenger and a companion on the road of life.

These last two installations together characterize the world of modern men and women: the lonely, waiting depressed and separated by only a wall and doors. But if there is a door, then there is hope for the future and focus on life. And if a man gets up and comes out of its narrow space, it can save a woman hanging on the wall. Climb the stairs to her being in the room, cover her nakedness clothes and show the way.

 And only together a man and a woman can fill their life with meaning.

This exhibition has left an indelible impression. In some ways it has become a discovery for me, but overall it is a reflection of our world. So subtly been noted all our current problems, actions, thoughts. And me, frankly, was  a little  sad for us, for our generation. Could never be the creators of the Renaissance? Are we so differ?


Yuliya Gorgaeva