Zane Bennett Contemporary Art
Aug 6, 2021 6:34PM

What if women ruled the world?" asks iconic feminist artist Judy Chicago.

Judy Chicago, What if Women Ruled the World?, 2020 Archival pigment print on paper, 36 x 27 in (91.4 x 68.6 cm), Edition of 75, $4500.

In January 2020, Chicago designed the set for Dior’s Spring/Summer fashion show, The Female Divine. Zane Bennett’s display of What if Women Ruled the World? is the premiere showing of this print. This archival pigment print commemorates the Dior show, capturing the aesthetic of the monumental appliqué and velvet banners that encircled the runway. It is emblazoned with embroidery-mimicking text emblematic of Chicago’s fiber practice—a perfect addition to our TEXTURES exhibition, which features printmakers who evoke textiles.

The set at the Christian Dior spring 2020 haute couture show in Paris today, which included 21 embroidered banners by the American artist Judy Chicago.Credit...Kevin Tachman

What if Women Ruled the World? is one of the numerous questions that Judy Chicago has been asking about the role of women in society since the 1960s. Throughout her decades-long career, the artist has performed smoke installations across the desert, collaboratively built the iconic Dinner Party, created a community of needleworkers through The Birth Project, and trailblazed the Feminist Art movement, ultimately inspiring generations of women through countless impactful projects.

Zane Bennett Contemporary Art