Why should art go beyond museums and galleries?

Zenko Gallery
Nov 30, 2017 5:12PM

Why should art go beyond museums and galleries? The group exhibitions, solo exhibitions presented at the gallery, have their stable auditorium which is limited. The people who attend exhibition openings are usually the same crowd, but how to gain a broader audience? One of the great ways is to collaborate. For example what if art will showcase along with the music concert?

This summer at the LvivMozArt classical music festival (Lviv, Ukraine), Ukrainian artist Roman Mykhailov took part in the opera premier as a contemporary artist participant. The event took place in the facilities of an old Lviv tramway depot. And this space was wholly transformed with the help of Burns installations, works created by Roman Mykhailov.

Darya Koltsova, art project curator, notes, Burns enter into a dialogue with the opera, creating a unique ambience. They become the first impression as even before the opera starts the audience’s attention concentrated on these significant works, huge pieces of paper with traces of fresh burns.

Beyond the Myth. The Amazons is a musical piece, which has combined fragments of music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, vocal numbers from The Amazons by Lviv composer Josef Elsner and selected parts of Mauerschau, contemporary opera by Hauke Berheide. Manipulation of historical facts, myths, desperate Amazons and liberation struggle intertwined in this dynamic musical work. Beyond the Myth is a story about living through changes, becoming aware of them and the traumas which remain after. Roman Mykhailov reveals the same theme in Burns. Though these are not the first experiments of the artist with fire – e.g., in June 2017 he presented The Burn of the Reality installation in Vilnius – the new objects were created specifically for the space of tram depot and under the impression from the opera. Here the two statements, music and artistic one, complement each other: music talks about the past, and fresh burns on the sheets of paper, about the present.

Zenko Foundation supports the inclusion of contemporary art in cultural events not associated with exhibition spaces directly with the aim of increasing the interest of the broad audience in Ukrainian contemporary art.

Zenko Gallery