Monopoly Man

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The mascot of the classic Hasbro board game, Rich Uncle Pennybags—also known as the Monopoly Man—is Alec Andon’s signature character, found in his street art murals, prints, and paintings. The street artist, who adopted the professional moniker Alec Monopoly after his favorite subject, was drawn to the ruthlessness of the game Monopoly, in which a player’s objective is to accumulate wealth while pushing competitors into bankruptcy. As a teenager, Monopoly began spray painting the Monopoly Man around New York City in playful scenes that satirize capitalism, excess, and greed. In Monopoly’s paintings and prints, Pennybags can be found in situations that highlight his position on the economic ladder: with a bag of cash slung under his arm, dumping hundred-dollar bills from his private jet, or sitting on a throne made of money. Despite the artist’s intent to criticize the rich and famous, his works have nonetheless become popular with celebrity clientele like Snoop Dogg, Robin Thicke, and …

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