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Andy Warhol earned the nickname “Drella”—a combination of Dracula and Cinderella—from one of his associates, who believed the Pop artist’s personality was split between these two fictional characters. In 1990, the Velvet Underground named its tribute album for Andy Warhol, Songs for Drella, after this playful moniker. But Warhol’s fascination with Dracula began long before the nickname stuck. In 1963, Warhol found inspiration in Tod Browning’s 1931 silent film of Dracula, turning a pivotal scene from the film into one of his first silkscreen prints, The Kiss (Bela Lugosi). That same year, Warhol began shooting his own Dracula-inspired movie with his Bolex camera, returning to the subject a decade later when he produced the cult classic, sexually explicit film Blood for Dracula in 1974. In 1981, Warhol created perhaps his most iconic interpretation of Dracula as part of his “Myths” portfolio, portraying the blood-sucking vampire in a haunting palette of black and pink.

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