Andy Warhol


Giant Pandas

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Andy Warhol’s “Endangered Species” portfolio features 10 silkscreen prints of animals listed on the endangered species list in 1983. The bald eagle, black rhinoceros, African elephant, orangutan, Grévy’s zebra, bighorn ram, giant panda, Pine Barrens tree frog, San Francisco silverspot, and Siberian tiger are rendered in Warhol’s signature vibrant palette. Warhol—a longtime animal lover who began his career in art by illustrating a feline-focused children’s book, Cats Name Sam—created the portfolio on commission from Ron and Frayda Feldman, art dealers and environmental activists. Today, Warhol’s lasting commitment to protecting the environment spans beyond this portfolio. In 1992, the Andy Warhol Foundation donated the artist’s 15-acre beachfront property in Long Island to The Nature Conservancy to protect and maintain the preserve for future generations.

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