Andy Warhol


Mick Jagger

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Although Andy Warhol admired many of his portrait subjects from afar, it was his personal relationship with Mick Jagger that culminated in Warhol’s iconic 10-print portfolio of Jagger’s face in 1975. Depicting the rock star in a variety of poses, the portraits feature abstract swaths of opaque color, sometimes obscuring the singer’s face, giving the prints a collage-like appearance. Warhol and Jagger met in 1964, when the Rolling Stones were relatively unknown in the United States. Their creative collaboration was solidified when Jagger asked Warhol to design the album cover for Sticky Fingers (1971). Ever the provocateur, Warhol’s album cover design featured the image of a man’s denim-clad crotch with an exposed zipper.

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