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David Hockney began drawing on touch screens when he got his first iPhone in 2009. For many years, the artist began each day by doodling flowers, which his boyfriend would leave for him on his bedside table, and emailing his digitized bouquets to his closest friends. Hockney’s quick adoption of the touch screen represents a continuation of the Pop artist’s fascination with innovative tech, which led him to experiment with fax machines, Polaroid film, and Photoshop years earlier. Portable device and stylus in hand, Hockney is able to conveniently work outdoors without having to lug heavy materials with him. In addition to using his iPad to document the changing seasons near his home in East Yorkshire, England, Hockey has twice traveled with his tablet to Yosemite National Park in California. Executed entirely with the Brushes app, the resulting Yosemite Suite captures natural marvels in precise, technicolor strokes, and has been featured in major museums including the Tate in London, …

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