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Formulation Articulation

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Josef Albers’s “Formulation: Articulation” portfolio contains 127 silkscreens of his most iconic works, published by Harry N. Abrams and printed by Albers’s Yale colleagues Norman Ives and Sewell Stillman in 1972. Released just four years before Albers’s death, “Formulation: Articulation” is often regarded as a capstone to the artist’s long career, spanning his early works at the Bauhaus in the 1930s until his tenure at Yale. Notably, Albers chose to arrange the prints out of chronological order, favoring a lineup that focused on color relationships. The portfolio, released in an edition of 1,000, is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, SFMOMA, the British Museum, and the Stedelijk Museum, among other institutions. While the prints in “Formulation: Articulation” are often sold individually, rare examples of the full portfolio occasionally come to the market.

184 Artworks
184 Artworks: