Resting Place

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Released in 2013, the nine-inch vinyl toy Resting Place was one of the last sculptures manufactured by OriginalFake, the production company founded by KAWS, and Medicom. Marking the end of the seven-year joint venture, the figurine also hints at a transitional time in the artist’s career. With its hands propped on the ground and insides lay bare, Resting Place appears exhausted and exposed. The weary “Companion” can be seen as a symbol for the artist himself, grappling with newfound fame after several high-profile works thrust him into the public eye, including a “Companion” balloon at the 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a KAWS-designed Moonman at the 2013 Video Music Awards. Available in grey, black, and brown, Resting Place remains one of KAWS’s rarest “Companion” toys, with just 500 editions produced in each colorway.

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